Wise men said if you can’t find happiness in your life, it’s not solely the other’s fault because you are the only one who is responsible for that. They said in order to achieve happiness you have to figure out a way and create it by your own instead of finding it nowhere.

One of wonderful things is by looking at how Clojure executes a set of functions sequentially in a lovely manner and it feels so oddly satisfying which Golang has none to offer the same thing.

I actually love both programming languages but lately I code in Clojure…

A Long Story Short

the Novel Coronavirus is now travelling the world. Some countries decided to lockdown cities that are infected by this most infectious virus of the year. It’s also a month where I spend the spare time as a temporary jobless man after resigning from Tokopedia, the largest e-commerce platform in Indonesia.

It is taking me to a tranquil state where no surrounding crowds, voices, or whatever they are that bring you to focus less on something you’re working on. So, I hear the void is whispering to me: How about writing a functional programming stuff?

Golang has been my favourite language…

Fachrin Aulia

An #AlwaysInBeta Software Engineer

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